This part of the web-site is as painful to put together than a puzzle with a million pieces...okay, maybe just a thousand. I'll give you the quick and short story of how On Tour DJ Services is what it is today! 

I started in the radio business in 1983. The opportunity presented itself to work for WPVA-FM (known today as K95) as well as DJ at a local restaurant and bar in Petersburg. A few years pass and I moved on to Q94...with that - opportunities opened up to DJ many types of events! 

After a switch to Stereo Country - FM 98 in the mid-80's...I found myself playing the occasional Christmas party...Corporate Events...Wedding name it! As time moved along into the late 80's, I worked at Z-104 in Virginia Beach...and then moved on to 98.5 KTK in Gainesville, Florida. As it goes - people call the station looking to hire a DJ to play events. In Gainesville, I played quite a few events for class reunions...go figure! After a year in G-ville, I found myself moving back home to Richmond (thanks to my Dad for paying the moving expenses to get back home)! 

Once again, it was back to Richmond radio (Magic 99) Let's see - so far I've worked at a Country Station, Top 40 Station, Adult Contemporary Station, and now an Urban Radio Station - I almost forgot - In my first radio gig - I had to fill in one weekend on a Big Band Radio Station - that was rocking at it's finest! Outside of radio - I  would continue to play events when the opportunity presented itself!

As the 90's moved on - music a big way, the word of mouth events became more & more frequent...mainly Wedding Receptions. 

How the business name came about...

In the late 90's...or was it early after the New Millennium? Who's keeping track? It was December - I had a full slate of Christmas parties to DJ. This is leading up to the name of the case your wondering. Needless to say, I would've named the biz a long time ago, but I couldn't come up with what I thought was a good name. So, I'm leaving the house one night to play another Christmas I walk out the door, I make the comment...The Tour Continues! 

Later that night on the way home...while trying to hit me! Going place to place weekend after weekend - year after year - playing for crowds of 50 to 5000...It feels like I'm on tour. On Tour DJ Service!  

So, that's it! When you're in need of  DJ Services...minus the middleman...feel free to contact me. You'll deal directly with the owner of the company (me) and it'll be the owner of the company that'll play your event! At On Tour DJ Services, you'll see there's no high-pressure sales pitch. Oh yeah - mentioning the middle-man a few lines back. Many larger DJ Companies are like booking agents that farm out events to DJ's. When that happens the rate is high...The company has to get their money...and their DJ must get his share. I'm sure you've heard the saying...eliminate the middle-man...and save yourself some money! 

Thanks for reading! Feel free to call with any questions - and to see how I can make your  event a success! 

Look forward to hearing from you!

Rodney Woody 

                                          [email protected]

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